Brass Tumbler Case Cleaning Reloading

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Committed to providing you excellent Sales and Service.


 We want to make the process of cleaning brass as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We genuinely care about the needs of our new and repeat customers. Time and time again, our customers are choosing us for their brass cleaning and reloading needs.


 Since 1989, we have been designing, marketing, and selling many products worldwide. We have a large background in Custom Building, Machining, Fiberglassing, Casting and Design. We offer top quality products that have been well thought out, and will last for many years to come. Also, we offer the best service and Q & A in the business. We would like to share our knowledge for cleaning brass, and share basic reloading tips, instructional videos, and videos of us and our customers shooting a large variety of weapons ! Lastly, we want to promote the sport we all love so much.




We’re committed  to serving you with quality products unlike anything on the market. 

We are staffed with several on call Engineers, 2 Fiberglassers, and 3 Builders  


Our team members are highly skilled and have many years of experience. Most of all, they love what they do and care about your needs. Whether it’s just selling Brass Casings, Stainless Steel Media, or building a custom hydrographics coated Tumbler, we are ready to get it done for you !