Brass Tumbler - Featuring the Commercial Version with a 3 drum system.

                   Reloading brass tumblers brass tumbler

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Brass Tumbler - Featuring

the Large Version with a 3

drum system.

             Thank You for visiting Brass Squirrel for your tumbling and reloading needs. Our new Brass Tumbler is a revolutionary machine for cleaning your used brass to a like-new shine inside and out !  Wet tumbling with Stainless Steel Media is the most effective cleaning technique today. We will always add new videos and information to this site. Please let us know if their is something you would like to see !


Our Brass Tumblers are American made ! Let us help you with your Reloading needs. 

Brass Tumbler - Featuring

a Commercial Version and a

Mid- Sized Tumbler Unit


Reloading brass tumblers Brass tumbler Case reloading